Introducing the SixtyFive

May 07, 2021Jaicob Stewart

About a month ago we first announced that we were working on the SixtyFive. Today we're happy to share more information on the keyboard and the buying experience.

The SixtyFive is a natural evolution of the ideas we explored with our first product, the Eighty. This time around, we’re taking everything we’ve learned and packaging it into a 65% form factor. A guiding principle of the SixtyFive is personalization – not only in regards to the exterior design but also the mounting style and plate materials. To further improve the personalization process, we've introduced a dedicated configurator tool to help you build the exact board you have in mind.

The configurator allows you to mix and match color and material options for each piece of the keyboard. A render of your unique spec is generated in real-time and can be visualized from multiple angles and in different environments.

Whether you're in it to fine tune the feel of your keyboard or to create the perfect desk aesthetic, the SixtyFive provides opportunities to accomplish both. Before diving into the possibilities, let's take a look at what has changed from the Eighty.

The configurator will continue to be updated with more information as we approach the preorder start date. You can try it out here.

The Mounting System

  • With the Eighty we introduced the “stack mount” which provided a balanced typing feel, afforded solid acoustics, and reduced the number of parts needed for assembly.
  • The SixtyFive architecture gives you the choice of three mounting styles that range in flex and acoustics.
    • Top Mount - The plate is fastened directly into the top case, leaving space between the bottom of the PCB and the case for flex and more open acoustics.
    • Isolated Top Mount - Soft silicone caps are slid over the plate tabs and fastened to the top case, isolating the plate material from the metal top case while still leaving room between the PCB and case.
    • Stack Mount - The silicone base is fastened to the bottom case and fills the space beneath the PCB for maximum acoustic dampening and a firm but not unforgiving typing feel.

You can view a larger version of the image below here.

The Backpiece

  • The SixtyFive carries over the interlocking front lip design of the Eighty and uses four fasteners along the rear edge of the board to hold the top and bottom halves of the case together.
  • The fasteners are covered by a decorative backpiece which clasps magnetically to the case.
  • The backpiece is visible from the top of the board and will be available in a variety of finishes and materials such as brass, and copper to add another dimension of customization to your board.

Layout Support

  • When we launched Mode we had not anticipated the amount of interest and support we received from folks outside the US, and with the SixtyFive we wanted to do better at accommodating their preferences.
  • The solderable PCB will support both ANSI and ISO layouts
  • Hotswap PCBs will be offered in ANSI and ISO specific variants.

Plate Design

  • Three plate layouts will be offered; ANSI full-plate, ANSI half-plate, and a universal plate that supports both ANSI and ISO layouts.
  • The plate design for the Eighty featured large cutouts so that stabilizers could be modified without desoldering. The SixtyFive plates will still allow easy stabilizer access but the size of the cutouts has been reduced. The extra material we've added means that switches of stabilized keys can snap into the plate. Stabilizers can be removed by removing just the one stabilized switch.
  • Threaded standoffs are now components on the hotswap PCBs, so all plate materials can be used with them.

Enhancements and Minor Changes

  • Possibility for flexible builds with top mount, PCB flex cuts and half plates.
  • Improved daughterboard cables to make assembly and disassembly easier.
  • New material options including brass, stainless steel, polycarbonate and titanium.
  • Improved fit for larger keycap profiles i.e. SA/MT3
  • Utilizes SKUF spec for feet and continues the use of C3 Unified Daughterboard.


  • Size: 65%
  • Weight: 2-4lbs/1-2kg unassembled, depending on material choices
  • Typing angle: 5.5 degrees
  • Front height: 19mm
  • PCB: Hotswap and Solderable, QMK/VIA design work courtesy of Gondo
  • ISO support: Yes
  • Mounting: Top Mount, Isolated Top Mount, Stack Mount
  • Connector: Centered USB Type-C


  • Starts at $299 USD with standard options
  • Pricing of premium options is still being determined
  • Components(tops, bottoms, plates, etc.) can be purchased individually as extras.


  • Pre-order opens mid-June
  • At checkout you can opt-in to accelerated fulfillment for $30 - orders with accelerated fulfillment will be shipped to us via air instead of by sea from our manufacturers. This service is being offered at cost.
    • Accelerated fulfillment schedule - estimated early August (edited)
    • Standard fulfillment schedule - estimated end of September
  • Dates are subject to change.

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