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Custom configured tempo keyboard
Silver / Silver Mirror / White
Obscura Linear Switches, FR4 Plate, Full Backspace Hotswap PCB
Custom configured tempo keyboard
White / Walnut / Silver Miror
Obscura Linear Switches, Carbon Fiber Plate, Full Backspace Hotswap PCB
Custom configured tempo keyboard
Green / Copper / Copper
Tomorrow Tactile Switches, Copper Plate, Split Backspace Hotswap PCB

A Closer Look

Tempo design and options
Symmetrical 60% Layout

We've embraced the symmetric 60% layout, unlocking a unique design language that sets the Tempo apart. The floating wedge effect is achieved by subtly angling the front side of the board beneath the blockers, resulting in a subtle visual illusion.

Lattice Block Mount System

The lattice block mount affords a dreamy typing experience that can be made more or less soft.

Highly Customizable

Select from hundreds of combinations to craft a board that reflects your personal preferences.

Symmetrical 60% Layout
Lattice Block Mount System
Highly Customizable


The Tempo will move to in-stock status shortly after the pre-orders are fulfilled. There are no current plans to end orders for the Mode Tempo.

The Mode Tempo starts from $259

Fulfillment is estimated to start in December 2023

Hotswap Full Backspace, Hotswap Split Backspace, Solder (supports ISO)

No, the Tempo has a newly designed accent piece that is not compatible with the Mode SixtyFive.

No, the Tempo has newly designed mounting blocks that are not compatible with the Mode Envoy.

The tempo can be configured in VIA to use a second layer that contains arrow keys, function keys, media keys, or anything else that you would like to use.

Technical Specs


Typing Angle: 5.8 Degrees

Front Height: 19mm

Dimensions: 298x113mm

Weight: 2.7-4.4lbs

PCB & Layout

Thickness: 1.6mm

Switches: 58-62

Firmware: QMK with VIA support



Case: Aluminum

Accent: Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Wood

Weight: Alu, Copper, Brass

Plate: POM, FR4, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Copper

Box Contents


Feet and Mounting Blocks

PCB + Daughterboard

Carry Case


Keycap and Switch Puller

Various Fasteners