SixtyFive - Pricing and Availability

May 28, 2021Jason Tsay

Today, we're announcing additional details on pricing and availability to help you own your SixtyFive this summer. 

Earlier this month, we introduced the SixtyFive to the world with its very own real-time configurator tool. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, please find the blog post here and the configurator here! 

Pricing & Options

The SixtyFive starts at $299 USD with standard options. Using the configurator, you will be able to specify each of the components in your ideal SixtyFive. This encompasses everything in the keyboard from the top case, bottom case, and backpiece to the plate material/style, PCB, and internal silicone parts. Extras will be available as well in addition to your primary SixtyFive configuration. Pricing is as follows –

 Part Material

Option Cost

Top Anodized Aluminum

No Cost Option

Top Electrophoresis-coated Aluminum


Top Polycarbonate


Bottom Anodized Aluminum

No Cost Option

Bottom Electrophoresis-coated Aluminum


Bottom Polycarbonate


Bottom Brass


Bottom Copper


Bottom PVD-coated/Electroplated Brass


Backpiece Anodized Aluminum

No Cost Option

Backpiece Electrophoresis-coated Aluminum


Backpiece Brass


Backpiece Copper


Backpiece PVD-coated/Electroplated Brass


Backpiece Titanium


Plate FR4, POM

No Cost Option

Plate Anodized Aluminum


Plate Carbon Fiber


Plate Brass


Plate Copper


Plate Electroplated Brass


PCB Solderable

No Cost Option

PCB Hotswap


Silicone Feet Black, Yellow, Grey

No Cost Option

Silicone Plate Caps Black, Yellow, Grey

No Cost Option

Silicone Base Black, Yellow, Gray


Materials and Finishes

We are pleased to offer a variety of premium materials and finishes with the SixtyFive. There will be a total of seven variants for the top case, ten for the bottom case, and twelve for the backpiece. Details on the treatments for each variant are as follows –

Black, Blue-Grey, Blue, Lilac, Maroon: anodized aluminum

White: electrophoresis-coated aluminum

Polycarbonate: CNC-machined and sandblasted polycarbonate

Brass: sandblasted and clear-coated brass

Copper: sandblasted and clear-coated copper

Silver: electroplated brass

Gold, Black: PVD-coated brass

Multicolor Titanium: PVD-coated titanium

The internal silicone base, plate caps, and feet will also be configurable in black, grey, or yellow.


Pre-orders for the SixtyFive will open on Friday, June 25th at 10AM PT.  Review units will be in the hands of content creators starting from when the pre-order opens, with content rolling out on launch day and throughout the subsequent weeks.

We want to make sure everyone who wants a SixtyFive has the opportunity to own one, so the pre-order will be unlimited in quantity. Additionally, the pre-order window will stay open for at least one month. 

We have done our best to estimate the number of each SixtyFive variant to manufacture. However, if demand for certain parts is higher than anticipated, later orders may ship out in a second batch. If this happens, it will be made clear on the website.

Estimated Ship Dates (Revised 6/24/21)

Earliest Fulfillment - October 2021

Overflow Batch - December 2021

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