Sonnet Ceramic Coated Accent - Batch 2

This batch of Sonnet accents cerakoted by Space Cables will bring a pop of color to your Sonnet. We chose these colors based on your feedback on a story poll that we posted on our Instagram, and they will pair nicely with some of your favorite keycap sets. 

The Sonnet accents are sand blasted then uniformly sprayed with Cerakote ceramic coating in a dust-free chamber to achieve a vibrant, smooth finish. The Crushed Orchid, Polar Blue and Burnt Bronze accents have a subtle metallic glitter effect. 

Material and Color Specifications:

Forest Green (H248) - Aluminum

Robins Egg (H175) - Aluminum

Burnt Bronze (H148) - Aluminum

Crushed Orchid (H314) - Brass

Polar Blue (H326) - Brass

Given the intricacies of the spray application process for Cerakote, minor imperfections such as tiny flecks and dust specks are normal. We have inspected these accents and any flecks that are present are very small and do not impact function or the overall aesthetics of the part.