Extra Loop Fasteners

The fastener kit for the Loop includes all of the fasteners and screwdriver bits that the board requires:

  • 4x Daughterboard Screw, M2 x 5mm
  • 7x Hotswap PCB Screw, M2 x 5mm
  • H1.3 bit
  • H1.5 bit
  • H2.0 bit
  • H2.5 bit
  • PH1 bit

The following case fasteners are used to secure the keyboard and are therefore not included in the kit: 

  • 2x Front Case Screw, M2.5 x 12mm
  • 2x Rear Case Screw, M3 x 16mm
  • 6x Middle Ring/Accent Screw, M2 x 10mm
  • 2x Accent Screw, M2 x 5mm