SixtyFive Mystery Extras (2021)

We have a handful of extra SixtyFive units that we are offering IN-STOCK. Each of these units has been put together in a
configuration hand-selected by us (many of which are based on popular builds). Apart from the details provided below,
the exact configuration you receive will be a mystery and is not eligible for return. The two tiers of SixtyFive extras
available are —

Tier 1: 
Top Case: Aluminum or Polycarbonate  
Bottom Case: Aluminum or Polycarbonate 
Backpiece: Aluminum 

Tier 2:
Top Case: Aluminum or Polycarbonate 
Bottom Case: Brass, Copper or Silver Mirror 
Backpiece: Copper, Brass, Gold Mirror or Multicolor Ti 

All configurations will also ship with the following components (no substitutions):

  • Aluminum ANSI Full Plate
  • Solderable or Hotswap PCB (depending on option selected above)
  • Daughterboard
  • Poron Plate Foam
  • Silicone Base
  • Silicone Feet
  • Silicone Plate Caps
  • All necessary fasteners
  • MODE Screwdriver

Additional Notes:

  • Extra parts may be added to your cart and purchased alongside the SixtyFive from the SixtyFive product collection page here
  • The boards are being sold in NEW condition.
  • We selected what we thought to be the best possible color combinations given the remaining parts on-hand. 
  • Grey Feet will be shipped with White, Blue-Grey, Polycarbonate, Lilac, and Silver Mirror Bottom Cases. 
  • Black Feet will be shipped with Black, Maroon, Blue, Brass and Copper Bottom Cases. 
  • Boards will not ship in full retail packaging since the top case and bottom cases have been pre-assembled.