Envoy Feet and Mounting Blocks

Custom-molded silicone feet help to keep the keyboard in place on your desk. Two types of mounting blocks that can be interchanged to customize the typing feel of your keyboard. 

Each bag contains:

  1. QTY 2 Block Feet w/ 3M 9495LE Adhesive (Black or Grey). 80A Silicone Rubber
  2. QTY 2 Dot Feet (Black or Grey), 80A Silicone Rubber
  3. QTY 6 Solid Mounting Blocks - Carbon EPU41 Black
  4. QTY 6 Voronoi Lattice Mounting Blocks - Carbon EPU41 Green

The lattice block mount combines Carbon’s DLS printing process and Voronoi lattices to create a dreamy, flexible typing experience.

The solid block mount produces a firmer, more responsive, yet still comfortable typing experience.