Eighty (2020) Solderable Plate


Plates are compatible with all Mode Eighty keyboards, and are intended for use with our solderable PCB. Each plate features cutouts for easy access to stabilizers and offered in a variety of materials.

Supported Layouts

Plates which are denoted as "multi-layout" support, tsangan or standard bottom row, normal/stepped caps, normal/split right shift, and normal/split backspace.

Plates which are denoted as "fixed" only support standard bottom row, normal caps lock, normal right shift, and normal backspace.

The Mode Eighty Solderable PCB was designed by Gondolindrim and supports each of the layouts that our multi-layout plates support. It runs on QMK firmware and may be programmed using Via.

Please note the daughterboard is not included with the PCB, please reach out to support if you need a replacement.